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DIY Favorites

At Repurposed Renovation we love upcycling and renewing vintage home decor and funiture. Below we are sharing our go-to products that allow us to restore past treasures. These DIY favorites will allow you to renovate endless projects, and are as affordable and reliable as they come. Please note we use affiliate links below, which means if you click on an item to purchase we might receive a small percentage. We appreciate your support, and contact us anytime at repurposedrenovation@gmail.com

DIY Favorites: Paint | Wood | Tools | Cleaners

Paint Products

Kilz Interior Paint

My favorite go-to brand of interior paint is Kilz. This brand stands the test of time, and is way more affordable than the new designer brands. We highly recommend checking out their latest color choices here!

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is a great investment for furniture painting, as the consistency adheres to the wood even better than a traditional latex paint. These fun paint colors by The Spruce are sure to liven up any furniture piece.

Kilz Primer Paint

Kilz Primer is the gold standard for starting any paint project, especially when covering wood or heavily stained surfaces.

Rustoleum Spray Paint

We are always using Rustoleum white matte paint for indoor and outdoor projects. This versatile spray paint is perfect to renew old air register grates, or refresh an outdoor planter. Perfect for a variety of surfaces.

Painters Tape

There is a reason Scotch Blue painters tape is the industry standard, as it is the easiest to use tape for painting walls, furniture, or even spray paint projects. Plus, this value set is much cheaper in price than buying the rolls individually in store.

Ergonomic Paint Roller

If you are painting a large surface area or painting multiple days in a row you must buy an ergonomic paint roller. Hand cramps from painting are painful, and can cause major projects delays. This shur-line roller is comfortable to use and always keeps the roller tightly in place.

Shur-line Paint Edger Pro

This paint edge tool and paint pads are a must for cabinet and drawer painting. This is one of the only straight line paint products available to ensure paint is evenly applied in corners and around trim.

Wood Restoration

Howard Feed-N-Wax

Hands down this is the best wood conditioner for all your wood furniture. Easily wipes on to make worn wood look new again.


If you want to stain your wood while you condition it then this restoration bottle is for you, restoring your furniture or trim to new. Plus Howard makes a variety of stain colors to easily match any finish.

Floor Repair Kit

For a more precise color match, or to fill cracks in floors you'll want to invest in a full repair kit. The color tubes are mixable to get an exact shade, and comes with wood filler.

Looking for more great wood repair products? Check out these top rated wood restoration products from Minwax.


Wood Sander

For any larger sanding jobs (large furniture, cabinets) you will definitely want to invest in a hand held sander. This Dewalt model is the best reviewed sander available, and because it is electric you won't have to worry about buying a battery pack like you would with most power tools.

Sanding Sponges

For smaller sanding jobs or precise details we recommend a set of sanding sponges that are just as effective as sandpaper, but much more ergonomic.

Drywall Repair Kit

Cover any unsightly holes with this all in one drywall repair kit. Great for quick coverups so you can get back to painting faster. For larger repairs check out the larger kit.


Method All Purpose Cleaner

For an all purpose eco-friendly cleaner, Method French Lavender is the way to go. I use this spray cleaner for bathrooms, kitchen, floor spills and more. It not only cleans without harsh chemicals, but it also smells amazing!

Sponge Eraser

Magic Eraser Sponges are multi-purpose sponge pads that tackle dirt on almost any surface. From scuffs on walls to bathroom grime these sponges only need a little bit of water to tackle dirt. They can also be rinsed out and reused until the sponge has fully disintegrated.

Reusable Micro Fiber Cloths

The most eco-friendly cleaning switch to make is to ditch paper towels and swiffers and invest in a washable set of micro fiber cloths. These top rated and durable micro fiber cloths are safe to use on any surface, and very easy to clean.

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