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Retro Bathroom Restoration

One thing I absolutely love about our latest home project are the bathrooms. Although they are small and were created with 1960s living in mind, with a few creative solutions they have become just as functional as a modern bathroom. Below we are giving our tips for updating a retro bathroom. We include product links to be able to quickly find the same items we use, but note we do receive a small percentage of any purchased items. We appreciate your support, and if you have any questions about the products we are featuring or methods used please contact us at: repurposedrenovation@gmail.com

Before: The bathroom had way too many competing shades of blue.

When renovating an older bathroom you must check the plumbing first, because you will regret installing new fixtures if problems arise later. It's not glamorous or fun, but a plumbing check is key to help you prioritize your budget. We spent about $1500 hiring a plumber to install new shut off valves for the vanities, toilets and tubs to make sure everything functional. If your plumbing is decades old I highly recommend you do the same as many old metal pipes are unable to shut off. This is also a good time to check your electrical outlets are grounded and working well.

Before: The bathroom needed a serious plumbing update!
After: We were able to save the beautiful blue tile!

Once we had the plumbing squared away we began work on the vanity. Although the original blue sink was cute and colorful, it just wasn't functional in the space. It was too large, and had no storage underneath. So we opted instead for a classic white marble sink that maximized under sink storage. We also picked a very classic and small faucet to match. But the smallest change we made perhaps had the biggest impact - lighting. Adding new LED bulbs flooded the space with light, making the bathroom feel larger.

Shelving above the toilet helped us expand our storage space.

We also installed a couple of shelves above the toilet that added storage without making the room feel smaller. I decorated the harder to reach upper shelf with my repurposed wine bottles and some shells I found on a recent beach trip. The lower shelf holds various bathroom toiletries in old glassware. We also painted the bathroom a very light gray. At first I was going to paint the walls white, but because there is a border of white tile at the top of the blue tile, it clashed too much with the different shades. The gray was a nice solution.

Lastly, we shined up the tile and painted all the grout with our go to paint pen. The blue not only looks brand new, but the color looks modern enough to be sold in a tile store today.

A grout paint pen was exactly what we needed make the tile look new!

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