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Upcycling with Wallpaper

Here at Repurposed Renovation we love upcycling with wallpaper, because its easier to use than ever before. Contact, or Peel and Stick Wallpaper is the easiest, no mess, DIY way to transform a piece of furniture or room decor. Just a little pop of color or geometric design in the paper can go a long way in making something outdated look new and chic. But the best part about this new kind of wallpaper is it is so easy to take down and change as your style evolves throughout the years. You literally just press on to apply and peel off to remove, no peeling or residue left behind.

So before you decide to toss that old piece of furniture or buy more paint take a look at our wallpaper transformation below for some inspiration. We've included product links to easily find these items, just note these are affiliate links so we might receive a small commission on any products your purchase. Your support is always appreciated!

Geometric Designs:

This year I completely transformed my wine storage rack with an inexpensive gold and white wall paper. This furniture piece went from almost being tossed out, to one of my favorite pieces in the house.

Shop Gold & White Hexagon Wallpaper

In a previous home we used a bold blue and white diamond shaped paper to completely transform our old wooden stairs. What I loved most about this contact paper is that the roll was much longer in length than most so I only needed to buy one for the whole stairway.

Shop Blue & White Arrowhead Wallpaper

Rustic / Shiplap:

For anyone looking to try shiplap, but not ready to commit to installing wood, this rustic wallpaper is a very inexpensive product to try. I used this paper as an accent in my hallway, and on some home décor pieces like this serving tray.

Shop White & Gray Shiplap Wallpaper

Fun and Funky:

One way we refreshed our 60 year old bathroom was with a funky black and white wallpaper. This bold design was exactly what we needed to balance the bold blue tile.

Shop Herringbone Wallpaper

There is nothing better than using fun wallpaper in closets. These unexpected pops of color or design make any small space more fun and fashionable. I used a striking (and very inexpensive) black and white pattern for my own closet in the new house.

Shop Modern Black & White Wallpaper

Another design pattern that got me out of my comfort zone included a tropical design I used for my kitchen pantry. This pattern was really busy, but because it was mostly covered by the stuff in my pantry it was exactly what the space needed to liven things up.

Shop Feather Wallpaper Check out all our go-to renovation products at:

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